Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July weekend! We went camping up American Fork Canyon on the 4th with my family. We played in the river, in the dirt, went on a hike, and just enjoyed the time with our cousins. Logan has been talking about his cousins since.

Grandma Sheila brought bubbles so all the cousins enjoyed picking their own color and blowing bubbles like crazy. Sara blew so much she had a bubble goatee.

Logan loved the little signs along the trail. He would stop at everyone and ask me what they said. Then we would run to the next sign. He and his cousin Max loved to be at the front of the pack of kids.

We had so much fun! Dustin didn't get to sleep until 9 and Logan was around 11:30, so we were pretty grumpy for the next few days. Driving home I found the Oreos we brought, and Logan had two and promptly fell asleep. He looked pretty funny with his Oreo ring around the mouth.

Ever since Logan keeps telling me it's time to get a new baby, like Rae and Sara got Timothy. He wants another brother too, but he wants to name our baby Pigger (I think like Tigger with a P). The baby will have little chubby feet and thumbs. Or so Logan requests. Oh, and he can fly.

Dave's been working like crazy again this week (will it never end?!?) Logan drew this picture on the drive way. When I asked it who it was he said "It's Daddy. He's sad because he has to work late tonight and he can't play with me and Dustin." It broke my heart! It's been such a hard month and a half for us all.

Monday we unpacked, did tons of laundry, and cleaned the house. It was a mess from all the fun we had over the weekend. Tuesday I was called and asked to volunteer at the soap factory. My friend RiKelle offered to watch the boys if I could watch her boy when she volunteered on Friday. Logan had so much fun, when we left he said he wanted to stay all day! I enjoyed making shampoo (until the machine exploded), and off brand Ajax. The Ajax machine only threw 2 cans at me (it's an old crappie machine), and we cranked out 6 cans a minute.

Back of the quilt accent
Dave worked until about 10 both Monday and Tuesday, so I was able to get the front and back of my quilting class quilt done! This is the accent (on the left side at a slight diagonal). So originally the hexagons were supposed to go at the base of the quilt on the front, but I decided it looked weird. So I sewed 6 extra stars and 5 square within a squares and made those go all around the outside. I wanted to use the hexagons, thus appliquéing the flower on the back. I should have made more leaves, but I was too lazy. But it's the back, so it will be fine.

My finished front!
I also changed the center of the quilt a little. I added an extra flower and changed the position of the big flower. The way they had it laid out I thought it looked like an umbrella was hanging over the top of the house. In comparison, the quilt below was the one they finished for the class. I love mine so much better!

Source: American Quilting Blog
Tomorrow my Mom will come over and help me pin the quilt so I can finish it! I'm so excited for it to be done so I can hang it up! I don't think I will let the boys and Dave use this quilt. It's so white, I'm afraid of stains. I learned how to machine appliqué for this quilt. I like it a lot better than hand appliquéing, although the look of hand appliquéing is so much better (it's just WAY too much work for me).


  1. That quilt is SO CUTE! Wow!!

    Don't you love how camping for one night creates like 5 loads of stinky laundry?! Hah. That is an awesome photo of the whole family together.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I love how the quilt is turning out. I'm not usually girly, but this one just screams to me.

      We're planning to camp again next week and I'm trying to block the laundry from my memory. I hate the cleaning up.