Thursday, July 3, 2014

Busy Again

It's been a busy week for us! Dave was supposed to be done with over time, but he worked more. So we missed Dave like crazy. Logan got better, but Dustin had a lingering cough. He's finally gotten over it, but it took 2 weeks.

Last weekend we were exhausted from all Dave's overtime, so we took the weekend off! We relaxed, went on walks, and only did things we wanted to do. Friday we got to go to the temple and it was very relaxing to be able to enjoy a session and feel the spirit. I think we missed going to the temple last month, and we really needed it!

There was a Munch & Mingle at church, and it was fun to get to know more people in our ward. When we moved in there were 6 - 8 young (like our age) families in the ward, and over the past 6 years we've really had an influx of young families and couples move in. It's great! It will give our boys people to play with.

Monday Logan and I were on clean up duty! We did laundry, dishes, put away toys, vacuumed, swept and mopped. All the things we didn't feel like doing over the weekend. I also started an exercise class that a lady in the ward teaches 3 times a week. I came home so sore! I plan to continue to take the class Mondays and Wednesdays. It will help keep me motivated to exercise and it's fun for Logan and Dustin to play with the other kids.

Tuesday we went Strawberry picking at my parents house. Since my parents had been out of town for the weekend we got TONS of berries! I picked for about an hour and a half. I dried a batch of berries (to use in granola, granola bars, etc). But Logan has been eating them, so I might have to do a second batch. We'll see after I freeze as many as I want. It's a slow process, but this way we can enjoy fruit all year!

Wednesday we had a casual day. I did a little quilting during nap time and I even convinced Logan to take a nap! Last month we had the last of our quilting classes for the year and it usually takes me a few months to get the top of the quilt pulled together (because life is too busy), but with Dave working so much lately I've had a lot of free nights to work on it. I think I will finish the top of my quilt by the end of next week (which is perfect since next Sat is the first class for next year).

Thursday I packed like crazy for our 4th of July camping trip! It's shocking how much you need for a family of 4 to go over night! I am starting to wish we were staying more than one night since it's so much work to pull it all together. I'm sure we'll have a fun time though.

We also watched Dave's old roommate Ramsey's son for a few hours so he could take a test at school. So Logan got to play with someone new. We hadn't met the baby before watching him, but it worked out ok. Other than that we're just counting down the hours until we can go camping!


  1. Our strawberry plants always have a pathetic yield! Maybe we just need to plant way more, but they always come out so small, and only a few per plant. I'm jealous!

    Going ANYWHERE with a family of 4+ requires a ridiculous amount of stuff....camping especially. I'll bet you had like 5 loads of laundry to do once you came back just from the one night.

    1. I think we only had 3 loads, but still, insane! I just hate the smell of smoke on anything, so everything that goes has to be washed. But Logan's been drawing pictures of camping and marshmallows ever since.