Thursday, August 21, 2014

Salsa & Alergies

It's been a busy week for us! We were supposed to go to the cabin this weekend with my family, but it got canceled, so Dave and Logan went with Dave's Dad to the Father Son Campout (our ward doesn't have one). They had tons of fun!

Dustin and I went shopping at Kohl's. They were having their 60-80% off sale and I had a $10 off coupon. They didn't have a lot I was interested in (tons of neon and bootie shorts), but I did find a pair of sunglasses for me and a swimsuit for Logan next year. I spent $7 "and saved $50. Just tells you how much things are over priced!

After Dustin was sleeping, I did some sewing. I started and finished my square for quilting class (appliquéd poinsettia). I decided to machine appliqué this year, and it went so much faster than by hand.  I also worked on a few of the 21 bags I'm working on. Oh, and I finished some spit up cloths and a baby blanket for a shower this weekend.

Monday I started doing daycare for the 2 girls down the street. It went really well. Logan and Abby (the oldest) had so much fun playing with every toy Logan owns, and jumping on the Luv Sac. I would hear giggles and shrieks from all over the house. And Madelyn would crawl after them to see what the big kids were up to. I think it will work out well.

Tuesday the boys had doctor's appointments. They're both looking good! Logan's had a runny nose and a little cough lately. The Dr said it's just seasonal allergies. I have really bad outdoor allergies too, so I shouldn't be surprised. She prescribed him some medicine, but it doesn't do much good. I'm hoping to try some essential oils next week. I have to purchase them first, but then we'll see how they do. We just love them to clear up stuffy noses for colds, and the lavender was a life saver when I had shingles.

Wednesday I was supposed to babysit again, but the mom canceled, so we spent the day making salsa! It took all day to chop up the peppers, onions, and blend up the tomatoes. Dave had scouts Wednesday night, and I was able to convince him to take Dustin with him. We got it all 29 jars canned by 9. Hopefully we can do one more batch later this year, and we'll call it good! Dave also wants to can Jalapeño jelly and some spaghetti sauce. We'll see what we can squeeze in!

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  1. 29 jars?! You guys are nuts!! I need a good recipe for canning salsa, I have tons of tomatoes from the garden right now.