Monday, June 1, 2015

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire

So I guess I forgot to post last week. It's been busy (as always). The only thing I can think of that we did was have Mike, Alison and the kids over. Mike and Dave were designing a board game for Mike, and Alison, the kids and I just visited. It was fun, we need to see them more often. Saturday Dave and Logan also went on a mushroom hunt with Mike & Alison. They found some but didn't bring any home because "if we prepare them wrong they will kill you. So we didn't take any home." Ever since Logan's been talking about looking for mushrooms.

This week was all about the roof. We've been trying to tear off our roof for a month now, but it's been raining for a month. Just about every day. Which isn't conducive to having no shingles. So I think we're finally over the freak rainy streak! All week I was making calls to coordinate/schedule stuff, picking up supplies, and finding people to help us. Friday Dave took a personal day and we tore off the roof! Most of the day it was just the two of us, but at night we had lots of help (which was great, because I was so burned out by then). 

We got all the shingles off Friday, and Saturday the ward came over to help us finish tearing off the tar paper, removing the nails, and clean up the rest of the shingles on the ground. They thought they were there to help with cleanup, but one of the guys insisted the nails and tar paper had to be up too. So we called a roofing guy to verify, and took those up too. So it's good they came over. We were done by 1. Oh, someone from the ward also brought by pizza for lunch (and Creamies)!!! We were totally exhausted.

Oh and the missionaries invited themselves over for dinner Saturday. I was caught so off guard I said yes, but was kicking myself after. We had left over pizza and water bottles. I still can't believe they (seeing us up on our roof) would have the nerve to ask. 

So I've decided: 1. We're never moving unless we move into a house that has a recently redone roof. 2. If we ever have to strip down a roof again, we're going to pay someone to do it. 3. If we DO tear off shingles again I'm getting a pair of work gloves that actually fit me. 4. If we never move, we'll slap another layer of shingles on in 35 years, and in another 35 years we'll just die so we don't have to re-shingle. So now that we have a plan I feel tons better.

Sunday we tried our best to relax and recover from all the work! Dave and I both had to teach, but when we got home we took a nap and played in the sprinklers (it was 92 degrees here). The dead patches in the lawn were created from the plastic tarp we put down to prevent shingles and nails from making too much of a mess. So hopefully the sprinklers helped a little!

Logan loved the water and Dustin was ok with it. He screeched quite a bit, but kept his distance.

He also has been helping sweep the yard for nails (that thing is a big magnet and he drags it all over, just like mom). I can't believe how big Dustin is! He's not a baby any more.

Monday was a clean up day. Our house was totally TRASHED from all the work this weekend. I think I had 30 things on my list to get done. But it was a mess, and needed it (you know things like do laundry, wash dishes, sweep the nails and gravel off the gazebo, paint the side wall...). But now it's all clean and I can start worrying about how to celebrate my birthday!


  1. That sounds like so much work!! Thank goodness that is all done. You have been busy, love the costumes for the boys. And it has been freakishly rainy down here all month, too. I'm glad to see the sun!

    1. It was a nightmare!!! But I'm so glad it's done. The guy putting on the shingles finished this afternoon and it's been down pouring tonight! Just in time...