Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Little Salesman & September's End

Logan's school just finished a fundraiser and I've never seen a kid so excited to sell stuff! I'm not sure if it's because he's selling chocolates and fancy popcorn, or if it's because they bribed the kids with prizes if they make a certain number of sales. Either way, he got home from school with his sign up sheet and insisted we head out and sell to our street before we ate lunch. The minute Dave got home he insisted Dave take him back out to visit the houses on our street that weren't home earlier in the day (He has sold to 100% of the houses we've talked to).

He sold enough to earn all 4 of the prizes available. His little sales pitch cracks me up too. One retired gentleman asked him "Logan, what would you recommend?" and he got out his sales paper and pointed to the chocolate covered caramels shaped like an owl "I would buy these ones, they look so delicious." He insisted I email his Grandparents and Aunts & Uncles and ask them to buy too. He's so devoted to this!

We also had Parent Teacher Conferences last week. Logan is doing great in school! He took a standardized test and scored in the highest division! His teacher got out the goals for the first phase of school and he had reached all but one of them already. So we are working on his reading. She also told us he would start getting homework (something I was hoping we weren't going to have to start this year). Overall Logan enjoys school and has made many friends. I was a little worried about him making friends, but he always has someone telling him bye when he leaves for the day.

This Saturday we went to a political event for Jim Dunnigan (going for re-election for Utah state legislature). I'd been doing phone calls all week inviting people to the event and it sounded like fun, so we decided to go. They had a free breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and cake (a guy must have made that add on), and rides. They were supposed to have hot air balloon rides, but since it was raining that was canceled.

But the boys had a blast riding the train, bouncing in the bounce house and eating cake and bacon. I felt bad for Jim, you could tell they planned for a big crowd, but with the rain not a lot of people came. We played for about 2 hours and headed home. There weren't lines for anything, so it was constant playing. Brooklyn slept through it all (as always).

That night I had Women's Conference at the Stake Center. After they had apple cider and sweet breads (including some Gluten Free breads). I brought Brooklyn with me and she slept the entire time. The boys and Dave headed over to our church because the Elder's Quorum decided to host a pizza and movie night! BEST. IDEA. EVER! They had so much fun chasing their friends around the gym and eating pizza. And Dave had a great time chatting with the other men there. They were having so much fun I got home and fed the baby before they returned.

Brooklyn is doing great! She's been gaining weight like crazy (she's up from 7 lbs to 11). She's gained so much she doesn't fit in her blessing dress. So next week I need to figure out how to alter it so it fits. I tried it on her two weeks ago and it fit great! Oh well, such is life. She has leg rolls and a double chin. She also rolls over and wriggles her way across the crib. this is her at a 80 degree angle of what I put her to bed at. She also can scoot  half way across our bed, so we can't leave her unattended!

I had my 6 week post birth check up today and everything looks great. So next week I'm going to start exercising and eating more healthy. I thought about starting this weekend, but with the weekend consumed with Conference, I thought it would be best to wait until next week. I figure it's best not to fail at the beginning.

We've been planning a few trips this past week as well. I found out my Grandpa Yoder has cancer, so we've planned a trip down to visit him in October. I booked a hotel with an indoor pool, and we look forward to visiting. Dave's family also is planning Thanksgiving in Moab this year (with all his Plastow side of the family). So we booked a hotel with an indoor pool for that as well. So hopefully we'll have two good trips in the next few months. 

Other than that, I've been helping collect things for 30 refugee families in our neighborhood. It's not exactly a convenient time for me, but I'm sure it's not a convenient time for them to be relocated from Venezuela. Their stories are so sad, and with the cold weather coming soon they are in desperate need of warm clothes as well as furniture and household items. It's been great to help so many families in need.

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