Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Man's Trash is Amy's Treasure!

Two weekends ago I went Antiquing with my Mom, Aunt Rebeccah, sister Sheila, Dave, and two of our friends that got stranded at the airport (DeLenna and Brandon). DeLenna and Brandon didn’t really have a choice but to come, because the shop was on the way, and Dave wanted to help me pick out a stained glass window. So I had much help in our search for the perfect window hanging!

My Mom and Aunt arrived first and scouted out the place. Sheila and I arrived second and really got to work! I was climbing behind dressers and wardrobes and sifting through broken glass and other items just to find the perfect piece for our kitchen. I was completely covered in dust and dirt, but in my insane pursuit I was able to find about 15 smaller stained glass windows that I liked. By that time Dave, De and Brandon arrived to help make the final decision.

Because the prices were so low (and I had unknown money from missingmoney.com), we ended up getting one for the kitchen and one for the bedroom.

After we brought them home we decided if we were going to put up curtains (which we’ve been wanting to do for privacy since we moved in), now would be the time. So last weekend we went out and bought curtain rods for the kitchen and bedroom (thanks Ross for selling $7 a piece curtain rods, even if they’re not the cutest!), and curtains for the kitchen (we had the bedroom curtains from our apartment, we just hadn’t hung them up). Yesterday we got the one in the kitchen up! Here are the killer results:

For the kitchen I wanted it to match the green paint which the green, yellow, and blue glass does exactly!

I’m completely in love with both of these windows! Don’t they just complete the room? And to think, in England they're tearing these windows out because they want a more modern look! What are the British thinking?!?


  1. Oh my gosh! Those are sooooo awesome! If you were selling your house & I was looking at it, those stained-glass windows would totally make me put in an offer! NICE!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully we won't have reason to sell our house any time soon... but if so it's good to know they look good to more than just me.

  3. Now I want some stained glass! My dad used to make it--I wonder if I could convince him to get back into it.

  4. Ooh! Custom made windows would be the best! I'm sure he would get back into it for you