Monday, January 24, 2011

Next Life Resume Title: Mother

Today I'm 12 weeks pregnant (if you prefer, 3 months) and we're ready to officially announce it to everyone! Dave and I went to the doctor today and were able to hear the babies heartbeat. It was pretty cool to hear, and the doctor said perfect as far as regularity and speed. I still don't really look pregnant yet, so it's good to have some signs that everything is going well (blood work looked good from the last doctor's visit too).

I told my work, and they seemed to take it well. One of the owners is really hoping he can help us pick a name for the baby as soon as we know what gender it is since his wife has vetoed all his favorite names for their kids. They're pretty awful names to be honest, but I have to be nice. We were in the process of looking for another assistant for our Client Service team, and my boss has said we can dedicate some of their training time to learning my job so when I'm on maternity leave (s)he can take over for me. Between that, two weeks paid maternity leave, and up to 3 months unpaid leave, everything is shaping up nicely for work.

Things are starting to come together as far as the baby room goes too. As you may remember, we painted my office over Christmas break. We did it because we had found out the first week of December that I was pregnant, and I wanted to get the painting out of the way. Dave was out of school (important since I couldn't help with the painting), and then we could gradually put together the baby room over the next few months. So after much delays, here is the painted office/future baby room!

We just love how it turned out! To be honest, who wouldn't love this neutral light tan color better than the post-it yellow flat paint with peach/off white ceilings that was there before. Dave also insisted in replacing the trim and closet doors, and they turned out just fabulous! The closet doors make the closet seem bigger, since before we could only access half of the closet at a time. Over all it's a great start, and we're excited to continue to add to the baby room as we accumulate more stuff. I've also been working on removing all my stuff and donating it to DI or distributing it around the house. It's been quite the process, but it will be good to have done.

I've also been working on spit up cloths for the baby. I've been perfecting this pattern over the past few years each time one of my friends or family members has a baby. So I have a lot of remainder material from all the different spit up cloths I've made in the past to start with. Recently I realized I could crochet the edge to make it even more adorable (and in Dave's eyes girly). Here's a picture of all the ones I've completed so far:

I mostly have gender neutral patterns, but I have a few strictly boy or girl as well. I've been working on them all, because I'll either eventually have both, or will give the ones I don't end up using away. Either way some baby in the future will be happy! I'm hoping to get about 20 done before the baby is born, and have a goal to complete one a week until then. We'll see though.


  1. That's awesome news!!! Congrats, you guys! The nursery looks great so far. Hope you're feeling well. :)

  2. Wooo hooooooooooooooo! I'm sooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you! Yay yay yay yay YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're gonna be the cutest pregnant lady EVER. I love that you're gonna be a mommy! CONGRATULATIONS, my friend!!!! Can you tell I'm excited for you? YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYY

  3. Thanks ladies! We're so excited!!!

  4. YEAH!!!! How great for you guys! I'm excited and have been thinking of cool beach names for you but so far I only have boys names like Barco or Pea Island, which probably is not what you had in mind. ;) You two will make great parents and I know you probably have everything you need times 2 already!!! We're so happy for you.