Sunday, May 27, 2012

Logan Lately

Logan's been growing like a weed lately! He started crawling a few weeks ago, and I swear he's now "big enough" to get into everything. He gets under the sink in the kitchen, gets up on the coffee table and grabs my books, takes the DVD's off the shelf, and gets his fingers stuck in the VCR. Makes me wonder why we still have a VCR. He also is able to check out his fish finally. He loves tracing his finger along the tank following the fish.

He also learned to roll his R's recently. It's hilareous to see him do it to his cousin Andrea. She can't do it, so she stares at him like "what in the world", then she tries, "R R R" before giving up. I'm convinced between the R rolling and his love for Latin Ladies he's going on a South American mission.

Dave and I started rearranging Logan's room too. Up until now my desk and crafting stuff has all been in Logan's room. But lately if I sew while he's taking a nap it will wake him up. So this weekend we moved my desk, sewing machine, and everything else into Logan's room. I'm still trying to decide on how to lay out "our" new space (since Dave's two desks are still in there), but I'm glad to be out of Logan's room.

We also spent some serious time on yard work this weekend. Nothing major, just weeding and bush trimming. But it needed to be done! The yard looks so much better now. I planted a few more irises that a lady in the ward gave me. My Grandma Yoder gave me a few last year, and I've just loved watching them come up! I look forward to having tons more next summer.


  1. LOL, goodbye peace of mind! I always love it when babies are too small to be very mobile and get into stuff. Don't worry, he'll grow out of the destructive phase by the time he's 4 or 5. :)

  2. I love the picture of him looking at the camera in front of the fish bowl. So cute!