Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solar Eclipse in Southern Utah

Last weekend we made a quick trip down to the cabin for a weekend of relaxation and a solar eclipse. My Uncle James orchestrated the whole weekend; finding out about the eclipse, buying 40 pairs of solar glasses, and setting up a telescope so we could get some great pics (since we were told the intense sun can ruin cameras and we weren't willing to chance it).

We drove down with my parents late Friday night. Saturday Dave went rock hounding with my Dad and found a killer "arrow head". It was really used by the Native Americans as a drill bit. They would put it on the end of a pole and use it to drive it down into wood or whatever. It's extremely cool to see something this intricate last so long.

Mom, Logan and I stayed at the cabin and had a relaxing day with Grandma cutting out squares for a quilt, crocheting, and showing off all our crafty projects. I had just finished a quiet book for Logan's Birthday that I'd made out of felt Grandma gave me. So I brought it down to show off! Each page highlights a different color with a fruit. You can fold down the fruit to see what's inside.

Sunday we spent a casual morning at the cabin. Logan was still exhausted from not sleeping on the drive down, so we let him have a nap and we read the scriptures, tidied up a bit, and packed up. In the afternoon we drove up to Cedar Breaks, looked at a few sites, and went on a few hikes. Eventually we met up with my Uncles James & Michael, as well as my Grandma Yoder.

Logan refused to take his second nap, and became grumpier and grumpier. So we watched the moon slowly cover the sun, and eventually decided to drive down the canyon to finish the eclipse. We stopped about 5 minutes before the final coverage, and watched for 10 minutes.

It was really cool to see this eclipse (called a ring of fire). Because of the placement of the moon in relation to the sun and the earth, the moon didn't cover the entire sun, so you can see a ring of sunlight around the outside of the moon. This type of eclipse doesn't happen very often, so it was really exciting to see!

We drove back, and Logan promptly fell asleep. He's been recovering sleep wise from the weekend ever since, but we're glad we got to see it!


  1. We were hearing all about the arrowhead that Dave found. Definitely a cool find! I bet your dad was jealous!!

    That quiet book is adorable. I hope to find some time to craft again soon.

    Glad we ran into you at Cedar Breaks! The eclipse was awesome!

  2. The pic of you all looking at the eclipse with your glasses on reminds me of a Devo record cover. A band way before your time. :)
    Sounds like lots of fun!