Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Prep and the Pantry

We decorated for Easter and Logan has had the time of his life playing with everything. He collects all the baskets in one place before destroying them! He made such a mess with the fake grass that I gave up and put the grass away. So now Logan's having fun playing with the baskets and the eggs.

We're excited for Easter, and I think Logan will enjoy it this year too. What a surprise it will be to find stuff in his eggs.

I've also been working on the pantry lately. This is what it looked like prior to my re-organization. We have tons of cans of veggies, some fruit, and beans. Lots of beans. So I enlisted the ward and family to help me collect some soda can boxes to make into can rotating systems. They turned out pretty cute!

I have two more to make, and I'm so excited to have the whole pantry organized and cleaned up!

Logan's been learning so much lately! Last week he started to refer to himself as "Nogan". When he wants something we have he points to himself exclaiming "Nogan"! He now will say a lot of our prayers. He says "Father", then will list all the things he remembers from the day. Most frequent are his monkey, walks, and Mom & Dad.

Last week we really enjoyed the 70 degree weather. We went on walks, bike rides, fed the ducks and just relaxed out in the yard. Logan had so much fun rolling balls down the driveway, filling his big truck's bed up with pine cones, and driving his Tonka truck down the sidewalk. It took us an hour to walk up and down the street, but he had so much fun it was worth it.


  1. Those pantry organizers are genius! Nice job!

    Luke destroys our Easter eggs. Madelyn would just love to hide them/find them, but Luke just takes them all apart and makes sure they are all flung all over the house. I decided to put them away until Easter.....

  2. PS. Aren't tax returns the best?? We got new furniture this year with ours, woohoo! (And paid medical bills, which wasn't as fun..)