Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pumpkins for Decorating & Eating

It's been a busy week. Dave's Grandma Plastow died this week. It was all pretty sudden. She fell and broke her hip and died right after the surgery to fix it. So we're working out all the details to head out to Moab this weekend for her funeral.

Last Thursday Mike, Alison, Andrea and Sara came over to drop off a Luv Sac and visit. Dave is doing some graphic design in payment for the Luv Sac, so the two of them talked about what already was done and what needed to be completed. Alison and I hung out on our (now two) big beanbags while the kids played. They had fun!

Monday Logan and I visited my parents for the morning. It was nice to catch up. Grandma gave Logan some pumpkin decals for the windows, and Logan has had a grand time moving them from window to window. He has played with them for about 45 minutes a day since getting them. The only bad thing is they're on the front glass door, so I'll be working on something and I'll realize Logan's not around. I'll find him with the front door open playing with them!

Grandpa also gave him a little pumpkin from his garden patch. Logan has been carrying it everywhere! He insists on eating lunch with it, he even brings it to bed with him. He's taken a few bites out of it because he thought it would "taste like zucchini". It must not have tasted too bad, because it has about 10 bites out of it.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Dave's Grandmom. We will pray for you guys.
    That little Logan. He was is so cute! At lease he likes veggies!

    1. Thanks Kathryn. It was a long weekend, but I think Dave's doing ok with it all. It was a shock since she wasn't really sick, but I think he's accepting it better now.