Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Playing the Waiting Game

I swear this week has been all about waiting. We've just been waiting for this little baby to join us. I had my weekly Doctor's appointment this morning, and an Ultrasound. I guess over the past 3 weeks the baby hasn't grown as much as he should. So we had the Ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.

The Ultrasound showed everything is fine. He's measuring in the 35th percentile (approximately 7 lbs 2 oz). Head to body ratio is normal, the amniotic fluid is the right amount, and the umbilical cord is working appropriately. So no emergency, but we decided to schedule an induction for this Saturday.

The Doctor said we could go until next week Tuesday, but if we waited she wanted me in every two days for no stress tests. I did these every other day with Logan and they take about an hour a piece (if the office is running on time). So we decided it would be better to schedule an induction than having to deal with that and finding a baby sitter every other day.

So we'll have a baby for sure by Saturday. I'm really hoping to have him sooner, I would prefer to go into labor naturally. But whatever happens at this point. Logan and I went to the store and bought some more milk and cheese, so we are ready (again). I swear all month has been spent stocking up the fridge and cabinets. I'm glad the end is in sight. I hate shopping.

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