Monday, April 7, 2014


Conference weekend went by so fast! We were supposed to go to my parents like we usually do, but Dustin is still sick. We didn't want to get everyone sick, but it was sad to miss out.

Last week I bought a new crock pot so we would have a second one. It was only $10! I had no idea you could get a new one that cheap. It's oval shaped, so you can fit corn on the cob in it, even a whole chicken. Ever since I mentioned the chicken to Dave, he has wanted to cook a chicken in it. So when we decided we weren't going to my parents, Dave decided we should cook a chicken in it. We made a Lemon & Herb chicken, and it turned out well.

For both sessions Saturday Logan played quietly on the ground in front of the TV. We would stop the play whenever the Prophet spoke, and he would listen for a little while. Dave was disappointed to have to go to Priesthood by himself, but I promised to go out to ice cream with him after. My friend Tenille dropped in during Priesthood, and I helped her work on her first quilt.

Ice cream was tons of fun! We got dipped cones and let Dustin enjoy it too. He got really good at licking the cone. He was so excited he would dive right into it. He got a little sugar high (giggling at everything), but it was all in good fun.

Saturday was a little harder. Logan was so done watching TV. So I bribed him with puzzles I had bought at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and had been saving. By second session Dave and I were sick of the puzzles, so I pulled out some easter stamps to keep him busy. We didn't get a whole lot of listening done between his asking for help and Dustin demanding attention.

After Conference was over Dave and I were discussing our favorite talks, and I was telling a story that Dave had missed. After Logan asked for another "Conference Story" so we told him all the conference stories we could remember. He thought that was pretty neat, so I think we'll start it as a tradition. It's so hard to pay attention with two little people in the house, but it's a good habit to have them in.

Today we've been cleaning up the house and trying to pull everything back together from our crazy weekend. I threw some soup into the crock pot and we made it over to the school to play. I also was able to schedule some wood chips to be delivered so we can fill in our flower beds.

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