Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Painting, Weening & Naked Time

It's been a crazy week! I spent all nap time last week scraping the poles of our carport so we could spend Labor Day repainting them. Our house didn't have gutters when we moved in (we've since replaced them), so many of the carport poles had water damage. Last year I chose to ignore the peeling paint (being pregnant), but this year I decided if we wanted the poles to last another 5 years, we're going to have to do something about it.

Monday we primed and painted the poles, and today I did the final coat of paint. We also repainted around the side door, and it looks tons better. I'm so glad to be done! Dave now wants to paint the whole house, but I'm in no need to rush that project. I'd be ok repainting the trim around the front door, but that won't take a ton of work.

We've finally got Logan' weened from being swaddled! It's been a week now, and he's loving bedtime now. Also we weened Logan to cow's milk. It's been a transitional time, but Logan's dealing with it well.

Sunday we had three baby blessings to attend. One for my brother's daughter Sarah, and two for Dave's sister's twins. It was crazy running from Sandy to Centerville to Kaysville and home. It was busy, but we were glad to be able to see everyone's blessing.

Monday we had an interesting nap... Dave put Logan down for his nap normally. We heard him giggling, but just assumed he was playing with his stuffed animal toys before falling to sleep. Well, when Logan woke up crying we went in to find him completely naked! He'd figured out how to take off his clothes and diaper, little punk! So he's been in overalls ever since. I'm hoping he'll forget or something so we don't have daily naked time!

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