Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Cabin & Zions

Since we didn't take a summer vacation this year, we decided to take an early fall vacation instead! Friday morning we headed down to the cabin for a LONG weekend. We swung by my Grandparent Yoder's house on our way into town and briefly visited with them.

Logan loved playing peak a boo with Great-Grandpa Yoder, visiting with the cats, and exploring their stuff. He loves checking out new stuff, and there was an abundance of new stuff to see. We didn't stay too long though, because Grandma had a cold and wasn't feeling well.

We then headed up to the cabin and spent a relaxing night picking apples, making dinner, and falling asleep to the Two Towers. Dave worries far too much, so it was really nice for him to get to just unwind for once.

The neighbors always seem to have different animals every time we go down. Usually there are horses, but there have been sheep too. This time they had goats. Tons of goats. Logan loved visiting the goats. He would walk over to the door and point outside until we took him outside to visit. Any time we were outside this trip he insisted on saying hi to the goats.

Saturday we headed into Zions and hiked the narrows! Logan had the time of his life. We hiked in a few miles, ate some snacks, then turned around and hiked back. We didn't let Logan play in the water until the end, but he LOVED it when we did. He loved the rocks, splashing around in the water, and the sand. He rubbed the sand everywhere.

Sunday we had a more casual day. We slept in, cooked a big breakfast, and drove into Hurricane to play at the park/splash pad. Logan loved the water (as always). When we got there, we were the only kids there. Logan would play at one area, then walk over to another area, then back to the first, then over to the third area. He was back and forth for about an hour! We had to take warm up breaks where we wrapped him in a towel and swung on the swings. He would stay in the water all day if we would let him.

Monday we did a few more hikes in Zions (Emerald Pools, Overlook, and Weeping Rock). They were fun ones. Logan mostly had a good time, especially flirting on the bus with everyone. We got back to the cabin exhausted, so we picked up a pizza for dinner and topped it off with an ice cream from Dairy Queen. Something about being in Zions requires a trip to Dairy Queen. It's the only time we go!

We headed home Tuesday morning, unpacked and got ready for the rest of the week. It was a nice break, but we're glad to be home again! It's always nice to get away, but it's great to be back in your own bed.

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  1. Looks like an awesome trip! We started taking our kids to Zion as babies, too. Gotta start them young!